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Automotive Shop Management Program SMOTGO

Automotive Shop Management Software FreeSMOTGO.Com is an Automotive Shop Management Program.  It is unlike most Automotive Shop Management Program in that it is a Web App. and not a PC based program.  It is  free to use for anyone that wants to use it.  When questions come in, I am going to be posting the responses here on the blog so all users have access to the information.

1.  What is the new Company Account feature I see under the Company Info section in SMOTGO?

The Company Account is where your company’s charges and credits are recorded.  SMOTGO is free to use, but Advanced Features are not.  Currently the only Advanced Feature is texting, and as of May 2014 further development on the Advanced Features has been suspended.  This video demonstrates Advanced Features and it addresses the Company Account.

2. Noticed a bug,  when a work request is made, only after the print request does it add the “additional charge” that I have set up as “shop supplies” , so the total is always different from what I can see on the screen as I’m making the work order / invoice.

We corrected this by changing when the Additional Charges are calculated.

3. I really like the default invoice layout, but find that the company logo part is hard to work with because it is limited to a small square, if there is a way to change that to about twice the width, it would be very handy for many businesses.

There is now an option for the original invoice with a wider logo.

4. Is there a video (I couldn’t see one yet) that explains Employee Time Card entries?

This video contains the Employee Time Log feature demonstration.  IT should start at that point in the video.

5. Sometimes pages print funny or the second sheet is blank.

While we can sometimes make changes to the layout of pages to reduce this, we do not have total control.  The reporting engine take all the information, the data, the layout, etc. and puts it all together in a way that makes sense to it.  If you do have something that is printing “funny”, email us a copy so we can see if there is something we can improve. is a web app for managing your auto / automotive shop or repair facility.  A web app is a software program that is accessed via the web through an internet browser.  To use a web app, all you need is an internet connection and a web browser.  With you can create automotive repair estimates, which can then be converted to an automotive repair invoices.  All invoices are archived in history. has many features to help you manage your auto repair shop.  You can create and manage appointments for your customers and their vehicles.