SMOTGO Digital Inspection Integration – Repair Shop Solution

SMOTGO Digital Inspections 2016

SMOTGO has integrated with Repair Shop Solutions digital inspections.  There is a video below demonstrating how this works.  Currently the customer, vehicle, and invoice info is passed to their website allowing you to go right into the inspection.  At this time, all the inspection information is kept with RSS.  We are working to be able to import the report and recommendations right into SMOTGO.  Doing it manually as we are doing now is still pretty easy as you will see in the video.  If you want to get started with Repair Shop Solutions, you can set up an account on their site at: It’s a monthly subscription with no setup or cancellation fees.

Digital Inspection Demo

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SMOTGO January 2016 Update

SMOTGO January 2016 Update

The following changes were launched on January 29, 2016.  They have also been demonstrated in the YouTube video below.

  • The used part functionality has been removed.  This feature was not being used and was not that effective.
  • The Invoice and Estimate notes have been improved and the customer and vehicle note editing have been removed from the note tab on the invoice.
  • The major change is the adding if priorities to the jobs.  It is a best practice to present issues in a prioritized order.  The first issues that should be addressed with a customer are the ones that are their concerns.  That is what they asked for when they came in.  The next would be anything that would put the driver at risk, then the passengers, then anyone outside the vehicle.  After that is the items that may cause more damage if it is not address.  Right now beyond that are “Maintenance”, “Other”, and “Unclassified”.  If you use appointments, those items will automatically be set to “Customer’s Requests”.  Any job after that are “Unassigned”.  Changing the priorities is pretty simple and demonstrated in the video.  The jobs and recommendations are now ordered by priority.  A new estimate and invoice have been created that I believe is a bit cleaner, includes the customer address and you can include phone numbers.  The estimates and invoices also have the jobs and recommendations ordered by priority and the priority is displayed for the customer.  I’m sure you have all been asked what jobs are most important or to prioritize, now it is much easier to address that.
  • A new estimate and invoice option were added.  These are cleaner, easier to follow, The customer’s address is displayed and you can select which phone numbers to display.  These also incorporate the priorities mentioned above.

Invoice Note Demo

Job Priority Demo

New Estimate and Invoice Demo

Please let me know if you see anything that is not working or anything that you think may not be working the way you think it should..

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Entering An Invoice Discount SMOTGO

Entering An Invoice Discount SMOTGO

Question:  How can I enter a discount on an invoice?

Answer:  There is no specific place to enter a discount.  This is intentional as there are other ways that are more flexible and give you easier tracking.  We almost always enter a discount as a taxable part.  This way the customer saves a little more money as the tax is reduced as well.  See the examples and video below:

The simplest way to enter a discount is using a miscellaneous part or miscellaneous labor line.

Here we enter the discount as a miscellaneous part

Entering An Invoice Discount SMOTGO example 1

Here we enter the discount as a miscellaneous labor line

Add misc labor discount

The next way is to add a “discount” as a part from your inventory.

This is my favorite way as the customer save a little more money on tax, and it allows for the best tracking.

Entering An Invoice Discount SMOTGO example 2

The last way is to enter the discount using a technician created for the discount.

This also allows better tracking, but not as well as using a part.

Invoice Discount with technician


YouTube Video Demonstrating How To Enter an Invoice Discount