When is a Part Allocated in SMOTGO

When is a Part Allocated in SMOTGO When is a Part Allocated in SMOTGO




A part is considered allocated once it is added to a job on any work request, estimate, invoice, work order, etc.  The reason for this is for simplicity and to reduce the risk of not having a part when needed.  There are many different views about when a part is allocated and there is no easy way to satisfy all the desires.

The value of knowing how many are allocated is so we know what we have available.  I believe it is better to account for all possibilities.  If parts were allocated as the status of an estimate / invoice changes, you will inevitably run into situations where the status had not been update so you were unaware a part had been allocated.  You can always go the part and see where it is allocated.  If you have an estimate or invoice and you don’t want those parts to show as allocated for some reason, I suggest moving the job to a recommendation.  This way the part is no longer allocated.

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