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Odometer Mileage Correction Actual Mileage SMOTGOOdometer Mileage Correction Actual Mileage SMOTGO

Question: What is the difference between the odometer, mileage correction, and actual mileage fields on the invoice?

Answer:  The odometer field is for the current odometer reading.  The mileage correction is used if the vehicle has a different number of miles on in then on the odometer.  Mileage Correction is a tool to help you better track the actual mileage on the car.  If you had a car that had the odometer replaced at 50,000 miles, you would enter 50,000 as the Mileage Correction.  Or you might have a vehicle with 50,000 miles on it that you put a used odometer in that has 75,000 miles on it.  In that case you would enter -25,000.  Actual mileage is a calculated value based on the odometer reading, adjusted by the mileage correction.  The next time the first vehicle in my example comes in and you enter the odometer reading of 60,000, you will immediately know that the vehicle actually has 110,000 miles on it.  To make it simplier to use, you can update the Mileage Correction right on the invoice and it will update the vehicle info as well.  When you are evaluating what services a vehicle needs, it is far more important to know the actual mileage on the vehicle.

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