SMOTGO October 2013 Updates

SMOTGO October 2013 UpdatesSMOTGO October 2013 Updates

We just posted a video on YouTube demonstrating some of the recent updates to SMOTGO.  The video is embedded here and a list of the changes are below.



  • You can now recover deleted invoices, jobs, and recommendations.
  • You can now DELETE and recover customers, vehicles, and parts.
  • We have added a Quick Quote feature. This allows you to quote a price for a job without creating a new work request. These Quick Quotes are saved, and can then easily be added to a work request/invoice.
  • You can now select multiple jobs or recommendations on an invoice to move between jobs and recommendations, or to deleted.
  • When emailing from the site, you can now email to more than one address at a time. Just separate the email addresses with a semi-colon “;”.
  • The Parts Sold report has been changed. It now groups the parts sold by part nuimber. You need to set the date first, then you can filter by the part number, quantity, etc.
  • Follow the YouTube link above to see this video. We are working on the Marketing videos and you should see them soon.

If you have not watched any of the videos, please do yourself a favor and check them out. At the minimum, watch the quick start guide. I know a lot of us like to try to figure things out for ourselves, myself included, but your chances of success with SMOTGO will increase dramatically if you spend some time watching some of the videos. In fact, by watching the videos, I believe you will save more time using SMOTGO then you spend watching the videos.

All of our videos are on YouTube at SMOTGO videos Videos can also be accessed by clicking on the help link in the upper right corner of the site.  You can now like or follow us on FaceBook at SMOTGOFaceBookPage. We have also set up a discussion group on Google at SMOTGOGoogleGroup.

We always welcome you feedback, questions, and or suggestions. You can do that by replying to this email or using the contact link at the bottom of the site.

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